Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting My E-Life in Order

Well. . . .

I have had e-mail accounts for a long time.  Outlook.  Hotmail.  Yahoo.  One at my husband's company ( and my own e-mail address as well.  (Not to mention a Google account that I never use.)  And I have been an avid purchaser on e-bay forever.  I have joined lists online and some of my best friends were made online.   So I am no online newbie.  I even joined Flickr recently to showcase some of my photos.  But it wasn't until today that I finally joined Facebook.   My husband had been prodding me to join for some time.  So had my friends.  Apparently I have been missing all the little smileys and cups of coffee people have been sending one another for so long.  And no one has ever read 25 Things About Me by me.  

So, I figured, now that I have joined Facebook, I might as well go headstrong into the wind (as is like me) and start the blog I have always wanted to write.  I majored in sociology in college. And I had a fondness for oral histories.  Blogging seems like a natural outgrowth of that.  (Can you imagine a good sociological study about blogging?)   I have fantasized about blog names. is unfortunately already taken by a German who is not using it to its fullest potential.  MamaLaw?  (I think Lawyer Mama is taken.)  Italian Mama?   I have also fantasized about blog subjects I might write about.  Parenting two children with diabetes.  Being the daughter of a shoemaker.  An Italian American in WASP America.  Legal subjects like securities litigation.  Or the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Parenting an adopted child from the foster care system.  Creating a multi-racial family through adoption.  Extending my family through open adoption.  There are so many blogs I enjoy reading and would like to emulate in some way.  (Most recently the ones relating to adoption.)

But, my blog?  I think I will just stick with what I know best: my family, my life.  Four Gardners and Me.  Here goes. . . .



  1. E-life sucks, then your computer crashes.

    But really, thanks for this. I have had a blog for a while now and I am still not quite comfortable with it. It's public in a way that feels awkward for me. (It's bit like therapy maybe for that reason.) You however seem to have taken to it like a natural. Thanks!